About Us

The company was founded on 11.30.1999 by the Administrator itself and has been engaged in online trading since 2021.

Our mission is to supply, develop and offer carefully selected intelligent products and installation services for domestic and commercial customers.


While living in a motorhome in Spain for several years, it became necessary to equip it with solar power and remote controlled security and comfort systems. Therefore, it was recognized that much remains to be done for the development on the smart electronics products. So in 2021 our online store was opened.

Financial security. The company has a 21-year history, with no outstanding loans or obligations to customers. By offering their bank links and card payment options banks share trust to the company and it’s history. Buyers can add a personal comment below each purchased product.

IT-security. The store uses an SSL/TSL certificate to ensure security. An SSL/TLS certificate (security certificate) is a data file that associates a cryptographic key with its owner. The use of an SSL/TSL certificate is indicated by the letter “s” in the “https://” address reference and a padlock symbol in front of the reference. By using the HTTPS protocol, all communication between the server and the client’s web browser is encrypted so that a third party cannot intercept or spoof this communication. If you pay, the e-Shop connects you to a card payment provider (Stripe or SEB Bank accordingly what did you choose) and the provider transfers authorized sum to our e-Shop.

Company’s name: SMARTLIFE e-Commerce OÜ
Registration code in Business Registry: 10614594
Web address:
Telephone: (372) 5851 2523
Postal address: Estonia, Tallinn, Paasiku tn 14, 13916

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