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  • TLL* Memory card box for Micro-SD and SD card storage
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    TLL* Memory card box for Micro-SD and SD card storage

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    TLL* Memory card box for Micro-SD and SD card storage

    Note: The acronym TLL denotes that this product is stocked in the Tallinn warehouse and is available for shipping to Estonia (EST), Finland (FIN), Latvia (LAT), and Lithuania (LIT).

    Keep your memory cards organized and protected with this convenient storage box by Woopower.

    • Holds 6 Micro SD and 2 SD Cards: Dedicated compartments keep cards separated and easily accessible.
    • Transparent Design: Clear plastic allows you to quickly identify the card you need.
    • Compact and Portable: Sleek and lightweight design fits easily in your pocket or bag for on-the-go use.
    • Secure Closure: Keeps cards safely stored during transport.

    Memory Card Care Tips:

    • Keep cards dry and clean. Avoid exposing them to moisture or dust.
    • Protect from extreme temperatures. Store cards in moderate temperatures for optimal performance.
    • Handle with care. Avoid dropping, bending, or breaking the cards.
    • Keep away from electromagnetic fields. Magnets and other strong electromagnetic fields can damage data.

    Important Note:

    • While SD cards have a theoretical lifespan of 30 years, actual data retention can be less predictable. Back up your data regularly to a separate device for long-term storage. Most cards can maintain data for 10 years under normal conditions, but frequent use can shorten lifespan.

    The Woopower Memory Card Storage Box is a practical solution for photographers, videographers, and anyone who uses multiple memory cards. Keep your cards organized and protected, ensuring your valuable data remains safe.

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