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  • Flexible solar panel 100W monocrystalline or solar panel kit
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    ASUNERGE flexible solar panel 100W monocrystalline or solar panel kit

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    ASUNERGE flexible monocrystalline solar panel 100W or kit

    Flexible solar panel 100w are increasingly being used in various settings including homes, RVs, boats, trucks, and trailers. Most homeowners are using solar panels to try and cut down on electricity costs. Others enjoy the convenience of having to power their electrical items when they roll around.

    At around 23%, this solar panel is more efficient than many average devices on the market. Also, it comes integrated with a blocking diode, which helps prevent reverse current drain, especially at night. This ensures optimal efficiency levels.

    Flexible solar panel 100w is suitable for installation anywhere. As you would expect with panels, the 100w panel is bendable to a maximum of 20 degrees, thus encouraging mounting on curved surfaces. In fact, the body is such sturdy and flexible that it can be used on tight spaces or crowded areas that are usually out of bounds for conventional glass and aluminum panels.

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