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  • Sale! TLL*>Pink Fingerprint Padlock ZNSG10 (Gift for Women)
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    TLL*>Pink Fingerprint Padlock ZNSG10 (Gift for Women)

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    TLL*>Pink Fingerprint Padlock ZNSG10 (Gift for Women) 25 €

    Pink fingerprint padlock is good for wardrobe, gun cabinet, etc. A suitable gift for a woman. Your finger is your key. Goodbye annoying keys or fiddling with codes, also in the gym locker room. For closing gun cabinets, wardrobes, cabinet doors, chests, locking bicycles, suitcases.

    The memory holds 10 sets of fingerprints, each fingerprint is read 10 times. Each fingerprint unlocks a new lock. After storing the fingerprints in the memory, only the saved fingerprints will open.

    Pink fingerprint padlock has indicator led: 1) if the battery is full, the blue led will flash when opening. 2) if the battery voltage has dropped below 3.5V, the red, green and blue LEDs will flash alternately when opening. Instructions: see gallery.

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