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  • TLL* HRCDZMY VV2 Wireless Earbuds: Feature-Rich for Active Lifestyles
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    TLL* HRCDZMY VV2 Wireless Earbuds: Feature-Rich for Active Lifestyles

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    TLL* HRCDZMY VV2 Wireless Earbuds: Feature-Rich for Active Lifestyles

    Note: The acronym TLL denotes that this product is stocked in the Tallinn warehouse and is available for shipping to Estonia (EST), Finland (FIN), Latvia (LAT), and Lithuania (LIT).

    The HRCDZMY VV2 Wireless Earbuds are designed for active individuals seeking a feature-rich listening experience with a secure, comfortable fit. These earbuds boast Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, active noise cancellation (ANC), a waterproof build, and a long-lasting charging case, making them ideal companions for workouts and everyday use.

    Key Features:

    • Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity: Offers a stable and reliable wireless connection with minimal latency.
    • Active Noise Cancellation (ANC): Minimizes background noise for an immersive listening experience.
    • Waterproof Design: Withstands sweat and moisture, making them ideal for running or outdoor workouts.
    • Secure and Comfortable Fit: (Details about ear tips or fit would be helpful here) ensures comfortable wear during exercise.
    • Long-Lasting Battery Life:
      • Earbuds: Up to 3 hours of playtime on a single charge
      • Charging Case: Provides multiple full charges for the earbuds, extending total listening time (Specify total listening time with case if known)
    • High-Quality Audio:
      • 8mm Drivers: Deliver clear and powerful sound with deep bass.
      • AAC Codec Support: (Optional – remove if you want to be concise) Enables high-fidelity audio streaming for a richer listening experience.
    • Built-in Microphone: Allows for hands-free calling and voice assistant access.
    • Multiple Functions: Suitable for internet cafes, monitoring, video gaming, mobile phone use, sports activities, and HiFi listening.
    • Convenient Charging:
      • Charging Case Capacity: 350 mAh
      • Charging Time: Approximately 2 hours
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