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  • 800m Radius Wireless Dog Training Collar with RF Remote

    800m Radius Wireless Dog Training Collar with RF Remote

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    800m Radius Wireless Dog Training Collar with RF Remote

    This fully waterproof e-collar is highly popular among dog trainers and pet owners alike. Its comprehensive training system provides an effective way to control and train your dog within a certain range through various functions such as vibration alerts, sound warnings, and static correction.

    The remote-controlled design facilitates interventions like stopping unwanted barking, correcting excessive movement, guiding your dog’s return, and managing aggressive behaviors such as biting and fighting. It serves as a valuable tool for training your canine companion.

    Additionally, the remote is equipped with three distinct channels, allowing you to control up to three different collars independently at the same time. This feature is especially useful for households with multiple dogs, making simultaneous training sessions possible and efficient.

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