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  • Smart Tuya wifi human presence detector MmWave radar sensor

    Smart Tuya wifi human presence detector MmWave radar sensor

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    Smart Tuya wifi human presence detector MmWave radar sensor

    Designed for nuanced motion sensing, this device is suitable for lighting, security, home automation, hospitality, parking structures, buildings, transit systems, IoT, and industries where detection of human presence, including slightest movements or still presence, is essential.

    Key Features:

    • Precision Detection: Employs millimeter-wave radar technology for detecting human motion and static presence, sensitive enough to sense subtle movements such as breathing and heartbeat.
    • Security in Various Settings: Ideal for detecting unauthorized entry in residential, office, commercial, or industrial areas.
    • Energy Saving: Detects both motion and absence of movement. Facilitates intelligent automations, for instance, lighting that turns on upon entry and switches off when a room is vacant.
    • APP Remote Control: Detect micro/macro movements to spot human presence within a preset range, and receive immediate alerts through the app.
    • History Record Viewing: Users can conveniently review the sensor’s activity logs via the app.
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