Yongrow YK-BPW1 įkraunamas riešo kraujospūdžio matuoklis

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Yongrow YK-BPW1 įkraunamas riešo kraujospūdžio matuoklis

For many decades, the auscultatory method, which requires a manually inflated air-bladder cuff and a stethoscope to listen to arterial wall sounds, was the standard technique for measuring blood pressure. However, this method necessitated practice and was primarily conducted by trained healthcare professionals.

Recent advancements in medical technology have paved the way for affordable, user-friendly digital blood pressure (BP) monitors that anyone can use at home, with no special expertise or training needed.

A digital BP monitor utilizes an inflatable air-bladder cuff, a battery-powered air pump, and a pressure sensor to detect arterial wall vibrations and measure the blood pressure within an artery. This technique is known as the oscillometric method.

Digital BP monitors come in two models: upper-arm and wrist. The upper-arm model consists of a cuff placed on the upper arm and connected by a tube to a monitor, which sits on a nearby surface. The wrist model, more compact in design, has a unit that wraps entirely around the wrist. Despite the differences in design, the fundamental measurement principle for both types of BP monitors is consistent.

Expected delivery to Ispanija:

Yongrow YK-BPW1 įkraunamas riešo kraujospūdžio matuoklis

Pagrindiniai bruožai:

  • Modelis: YK-BPW1
  • Kilmė: China Mainland
  • Prekės ženklo pavadinimas: Yongrow
  • Dydis: 78 x 65 x 29 mm
  • Medžiaga: ABS
  • Taikymas: Arm
  • Prekės tipas: Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Sertifikavimas: CE Certified

Innovative Health Management:

  • Rechargeable Convenience: Eliminate the need for regular battery purchases with the device’s built-in rechargeable battery—simply power up for continued use.
  • Voice Broadcast System: Stay informed with audio announcements of your blood pressure readings. This feature alerts you if your measurements fall outside the normal range, ensuring you’re always aware of your health status.
  • Multi-Language Support: Catering to an international demographic, the monitor includes options for English, Russian, Portuguese, and Spanish, making it versatile and user-friendly.
  • European Union Standards Compliance: With CE certification, this monitor complies with the highest safety and quality regulations in the European market, offering you peace of mind about its reliability.

Papildoma informacija:

TIP: Items are shipped at random.

Please note that while the external appearance may vary, the functionality and performance of the product remain consistent across all delivered units.

Yongrow yk-bpw1 rechargeable wrist blood pressure monitor € 38,83

Special Commitment:

This product is backed by a one-year warranty. Within this period, should any issue arise, you are entitled to a free replacement with a new unit. Moreover, in the event of inaccurate measurements, do not hesitate to reach out to our customer service for an immediate, full refund.

YK-WS01 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor: Prioritizing Your Family’s Health

  • Clinically Validated Accuracy: We guarantee high precision within a margin of ±3mmHg, validated by extensive clinical data collection to ensure reliable measurements.
  • Type-C Charging for Extended Use: The device is equipped with a built-in, high-capacity lithium battery. A mere 2-hour charge delivers 200 measurement cycles.
  • High-Definition Full Screen: Large fonts facilitate clear readings, and the backlit display ensures visibility even in low-light conditions at night.
  • Hospital Grade Precision: The YK-WS01 offers professional medical-standard accuracy, as confirmed by comparative real-world data from multiple hospital-based measurements.
Yongrow yk-bpw1 rechargeable wrist blood pressure monitor € 38,83

Take your health into your hands with the ability to measure your blood pressure accurately, no matter where you are.

  • Multilingual Voice Broadcast: Enjoy the convenience of voice announcements in both English and Russian, guiding you through each step of the measurement process.
  • Extensive Memory Capacity: The device can store up to 99 measurement sets, making it easier to track and monitor your blood pressure over time.
  • Clear LED HD Display: The large screen features high definition output, ensuring that readings are easy to read at a glance.
  • Efficient Type-C Charging: Modern Type-C charging capabilities offer a fast and more universally compatible way to power your device.
  • Smart Automatic Shutdown: To conserve energy and extend the life of your device, it will automatically shut down after a period of inactivity.
  • Protective White Storage Box: Keep your blood pressure monitor safe and clean when not in use with the included white storage box.
Yongrow yk-bpw1 rechargeable wrist blood pressure monitor € 38,83

Superior Precision Sensing Technology: Accurate to ±3mmHg

Accuracy is paramount when it comes to monitoring blood pressure. Our device is equipped with advanced high precision sensing technology, ensuring accurate readings within a tight margin of ±3mmHg. This accuracy is rooted in the collection and analysis of tens of thousands of clinical data points, allowing us to provide a blood pressure monitor that you can trust for reliable and precise measurements.

Yongrow yk-bpw1 rechargeable wrist blood pressure monitor € 38,83

Optimized Smart Pressurization for Enhanced Comfort

Our blood pressure monitor is designed with your comfort in mind. Smart pressurization technology adjusts to your personal needs, ensuring a quick and comfortable measurement process every time. Save time while experiencing a gentle, personalized fit that makes health monitoring a hassle-free part of your daily routine.

Yongrow yk-bpw1 rechargeable wrist blood pressure monitor € 38,83

Enhanced Type-C Fast Charging for Extended Performance

Experience the convenience of our upgraded Type-C fast charging system. With just 2 hours of charging, the built-in high-performance lithium battery delivers over 200 continuous measurements. An efficient energy management means that just two full charges could power a year’s worth of monitoring. Stay assured of uninterrupted usage and reliable health tracking with our advanced charging technology.

Yongrow yk-bpw1 rechargeable wrist blood pressure monitor € 38,83

High-Definition Full Screen with Enhanced Clarity

Our blood pressure monitor boasts a high-definition full screen with larger fonts, ensuring that measurement results are vivid and easy to read. The clear display is designed to be user-friendly, offering crystal-clear visibility in any lighting condition, including low-light environments at night.

Yongrow yk-bpw1 rechargeable wrist blood pressure monitor € 38,83

99 Sets of Memories Dual User Memory

One measurement per day can record the value of more than three months, which is convenient for observing the blood pressure cycle at any time.

Yongrow yk-bpw1 rechargeable wrist blood pressure monitor € 38,83

Real Voice Broadcast for Effortless Understanding of Results

Our blood pressure monitor enhances the user experience with a real voice broadcast feature. Effortlessly listen to your measurement results announced aloud, ensuring accurate comprehension. The voice guidance also assists during the measurement process, helping prevent incorrect usage and reducing the likelihood of errors, for a smooth and precise monitoring session every time.

Yongrow yk-bpw1 rechargeable wrist blood pressure monitor € 38,83

Follow the Correct Measurement Method for Precise Results

Achieving the most accurate readings with your blood pressure monitor involves a simple, four-step process:

  1. Position the Arm: Extend your left arm with the palm facing upwards.
  2. Apply the Cuff: Place the cuff around the inner side of your wrist, securing it approximately 1-2 cm away from the ulna bone. Ensure that the cuff fits snugly and is in direct contact with your skin.
  3. Maintain Posture: Sit upright and relax, keeping the cuffed wrist at heart level to promote measurement accuracy.
  4. Relax the Hand: Your hand should be open and relaxed. Avoid placing the blood pressure monitor on the outside of your wrist. The device should remain static during the measurement process to ensure precision.
Yongrow yk-bpw1 rechargeable wrist blood pressure monitor € 38,83

Produkto specifikacijos

Yongrow yk-bpw1 rechargeable wrist blood pressure monitor € 38,83

Pakuotės turinys:

1. Equipment x1
2. Manual x1
3. Type c charging cable x1
4. Storage box x1

Yongrow yk-bpw1 rechargeable wrist blood pressure monitor € 38,83
Yongrow yk-bpw1 rechargeable wrist blood pressure monitor € 38,83Yongrow yk-bpw1 rechargeable wrist blood pressure monitor € 38,83

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  1. Is it possible to change the spoken language on the device?

    The device has a single-language display feature. Please ensure you select your preferred language option when you place your order.

  2. Is the device rechargeable?

    Yes, this upgraded model is rechargeable using a USB-C cable, which is compatible with any standard USB adapter.

  3. What could cause inaccurate readings on the blood pressure monitor?

    Factors that may affect accuracy include:

    • An incorrectly positioned wrist cuff
    • Physical activity prior to measurement
    • An incorrect body position or too much movement during the measurement
    • Variations in the time of day when measurements are taken
  4. Do readings differ between wrist and upper arm blood pressure monitors?

    Blood pressure may vary between different parts of the body, so there could be variations in readings from the wrist and the upper arm. However, all Yongrow monitors, whether designed for the wrist or the upper arm, adhere to international accuracy standards and have equivalent accuracy specifications.

  5. Will there be differences between my home readings and those taken at a doctor’s office?

    Yes, it is common to observe differences because:

    • Blood pressure naturally fluctuates throughout the day.
    • “White coat hypertension” and “masked hypertension” phenomena may cause discrepancies.
  6. What might cause an erroneous reading on my wrist blood pressure monitor?

    A frequent reason for elevated readings is the monitor not being at heart level. Ensuring the wrist monitor is level with your heart when taking a measurement is crucial. Also, be aware of the physiological differences in blood pressure readings taken at the wrist and upper arm.


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