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Produkto pristatoma į: informacijos Produkto pristatoma į: "Visame pasaulyje" reiškia, kad laivyba galima beveik visose šalyse ir visuose žemynuose. Pagal konkrečią šalį mokesčiai ir laikas rodomi kiekvieno gaminio išsamiame rodinyje. "Tik į EE LV LT FI" reiškia, kad šie produktai yra Talino sandėlyje ir siuntimas galimas tik į Estiją (2,65 €, 1-2 dienos), Latviją (3,05 €, 2-3 dienos), Lietuvą (3,31 €, 2-4 dienos), Suomiją (11 €, 2-4 dienos). Siuntimo mokesčiai taip pat bus rodomi krepšelio ir kasos puslapyje. Kai kuriems produktams taikoma nemokamo pristatymo galimybė.

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  • Cubot Pocket 4'' stilingas mini išmanusis telefonas su pažangiomis funkcijomis

    Cubot Pocket 4“ stilingas mini išmanusis telefonas su pažangiomis funkcijomis

    Greita peržiūra  136,02

    Cubot Pocket 4“ stilingas mini išmanusis telefonas su pažangiomis funkcijomis

    Experience the perfect blend of style and convenience with the Pocket, our incredibly compact 4-inch smartphone.

    Engineered for seamless one-handed use, it fits comfortably in your palm, allowing effortless typing and navigation. Slide it into the tiniest of pockets and switch from work to play with the dual Nano SIM feature.

    Powerful Performance, Enhanced Memory
    Equipped with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM, our smartphone meets your storage needs with ease. The option to extend memory up to 128GB via a TF card means your data always has a place.

    Plus, with NFC and Google Pay, transactions are wallet-free and straightforward, further lightening your load.

    Reliable Battery, Advanced OS
    With a carefully configured 3000mAh battery, you can count on a full day of regular usage. And with stock Android 11, you get the smoothest and most feature-rich experience in a pocket-sized package.

    Compact and Fashion-Forward
    Beyond functionality, the Pocket is a fashion statement. Available in three elegant colors, it complements any ensemble. Whether you’re working out or stepping out, ditch the bulk and elevate your style with the Pocket.

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  • TLL* MORIC Micro-SD 128GB U3 10 klasės atminties kortelė
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    TLL* MORIC Micro-SD 128GB U3 10 klasės atminties kortelė

    Greita peržiūra  16,39

    TLL* MORIC Micro-SD 128GB U3 10 klasės atminties kortelė

    Pastaba: Santrumpa TLL reiškia, kad šis produktas yra Talino sandėlyje ir gali būti siunčiamas į Estiją (EST), Suomiją (FIN), Latviją (LAT) ir Lietuvą (LIT).

    Elevate your digital storage solutions with the high-performance MORIC Micro-SD memory card, optimized for HD and 4K video recording and playback.

    Performance Benchmark:

    Conducted speed tests in Estonia on 18.02.2021 using USBDeview software on a Windows-10 laptop with a USB-C adapter yielded the following results:

    • Write Speed: 7.81 MB/s
    • Read Speed: 16.13 MB/s

    These measurements indicate that the MORIC Micro-SD card delivers reliable write and read speeds for day-to-day use, affirming its quality and performance. With this memory card, rest assured that your digital content is not only secure but also accessible at a moment’s notice

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